VOIP Telephone and Unified Communications Solutions

Clear Communication Enables Better Care

CareConnect VOIP by Sangoma

CareConnect VOIP by Sangoma is a bespoke communication solution designed for the healthcare sector, ensuring crystal-clear, reliable voice services. Tailored to meet the demanding needs of healthcare facilities, it offers seamless integration with clinical systems, fostering effective patient care. This platform features robust, secure, and HIPAA-compliant connections, supporting telemedicine and enabling staff to coordinate effortlessly. CareConnect VOIP transcends traditional barriers, facilitating a unified network that connects caregivers to patients and each other, with the quality assurance of Sangoma’s renowned technology leadership. It’s the pulse of healthcare communication, redefining connectivity in medical environments.

CareConnect VoiceLink In-Room Voice Service

CareConnect Resident Analog Voice Gateway offers a perfect blend of traditional functionality and modern technology, tailored for senior care. Utilizing advanced ATA gateways, this service preserves existing wiring, ensuring cost-effective communication solutions without the need for extensive renovations. Designed with seniors in mind, our analog phones feature large buttons and bright LED notifications for ease of use and clear visibility. This seamless integration of reliable hardware with intuitive design empowers residents with straightforward, dependable access to voice services, fostering independence while ensuring they remain connected to their loved ones and care providers.

Designed by Nexus, Powered by Sangoma

Sangoma’s UC infrastructure offers a range of features such as voice, fax, video, presence, and instant messaging, all integrated into a single, user-friendly platform. This multifaceted approach is aligned with Nexus Communications Technology’s goal of providing comprehensive solutions, ensuring that healthcare clients have access to advanced communication tools that support their day-to-day operations. Through Nexus’ seamless ICT systems consulting and design Sangoma’s UC can be enabled to work in tandem with electronic health records (EHRs), nurse call systems, and other healthcare technologies, streamlining workflows and improving patient care.

Healthcare-Optimized VOIP PBX: An exclusive, custom-designed platform ensuring HIPAA compliance and flawless clinical integration, enhancing operational efficiency and patient care.

Exclusive VoiceLink Resident Service Product: Merges existing communication systems with new tech for cost benefits—delivering seniors a seamless, trustworthy, and modern communication experience included at no charge with your existing telephone services.

Elevate with Nexus-Sangoma UC: Engage with our exclusively designed platform for healthcare communications and witness enhanced care coordination. Reach out to Nexus now for this tailored solution.