5 Benefits of LED Lighting Renovations for Healthcare Facilities

  1. Enhance Safety
    The important operation of any healthcare facility is safety. LED lights provide the proper illumination to support not only residents need but also staff, visitors and guests during any hour of business. LED lights are adjustable and 100% controllable providing the correct visual settings for clearer images. For example, the correct illumination for IP surveillance cameras is assisted by LED lightening. With resident safety being the number one priority, LED lights deliver the sense of safety and security.
  2. Benefits to Patient Satisfaction
    Recognizing the need for a resident to be comfortable and have that ‘homey’ feel is amongst the highest on families list when researching potential facilities for their loved one. LED lights provide that sense of home rather than an institutional feel. With the option of low light level for their room, residents can feel in complete control of all their amenities. If they are not feeling well or not ready to move to a facility, the lighting in the rooms may turn them away.
  3. Benefits to Visitors
    Lighting assists with way-finding for all facility visitors and proper lighting allows them the sense of ease while navigating through your facility. In resident rooms, for example, small task lights that operate independently and shadow free allow a visiting family to stay occupied while a loved one may be resting.
  4. Benefits to Administration
    Baby boomers are beginning their search for the right community and have their standards set high. An attractive facility from the exterior to the interior will make the first impression. LED lights provide that initial attractive and can be used to convince potential residents that your facility is the right choice. For example, a well lit outdoor and parking area will assure them their safety is your number one priority.
  5. Cost-Effective Solution
    According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, lighting alone consumes 42% of the electricity used in healthcare facilities. LED lighting is an attractive, safety enhancing, nearly maintenance free opportunity to provide a real long-term budget savings in maintenance costs. LED lights last x amount longer than traditional fluorescent and will have a direct impact on savings in maintenance costs while freeing up time for the maintenance staff.