Business Solutions

Business Outcomes Derived From Technology.

Site Survey & System Design

Your company operations are dependent on the best technology for communication in business but can be complex to manage. Our team of experts will provide guidance and create a comprehensive roadmap to equip you with the correct solutions at affordable prices that your business needs.

Managed Internet & WAN Solutions

When businesses purchase services themselves they often overpay or choose the wrong package. As your single IT provider of technology for communication in business, we are familiar with your operational goals and budget to deliver the correct connectivity package to your business at an affordable rate.

Business Data & Network Solutions

Your complex endpoint infrastructure needs to be secure, up-to-date and operating at the correct speed of your business. Our experienced technicians’ design, deliver and manage all aspects to keep you and your network powerful, secure, and connected. Turn to Nexus Communications Technology and turn to a leader in technology for communication in business.

VoIP & Unified Communications

Modern businesses are investing in tools for a more effective, engaged and collaborative work environment. Create a workforce that’s productive anytime, anywhere from a single unified endpoint. Take advantage of Star2Star and connect your business today.

IP Surveillance & Access Control

Integrating a functional and high-quality security solution at an affordable cost can be a challenging experience. We have partnered with the best manufacturers in the industry to recommend, unify, deploy and maintain the correct security system for you.

Professional A/V Services

Businesses strive in customer satisfaction and efficient operations by adding interactive innovative device end-point solutions to their IT stack. We are here to help you transform and manage the look of your business to keep up with the latest technologies.

LED Lighting & Smart Building

Transforming to a smart building built on the foundation of LED lighting is among the top of increased energy savings. Our unified, customizable, cloud-based approach puts your business at the control of your fingertips while reducing overall operational costs.

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