Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is Nexus the right Managed CT services partner for my business?

We have years of experience in managing and converging multiple information and communication technology solutions into a single platform and are committed to providing an affordable solution to fit your business needs.

How do I get started with Nexus?

You can fill out the contact form, email office@nexusct.com, or call us at (847) 443-9900.

What if my business only needs one service that Nexus provides?

Not a problem! While our systems see the most financial and operational benefits when services are combined, we have numerous customers who currently only utilize one service or product.

What are the signs it is time to move on from my current IT provider?

If you are experiencing insufficient support where it takes a few consultants costing you time and money or don’t feel like your IT consultant is focused around your business goals, it’s time to move on.

What verticals does Nexus serve?

Our clients range from nursing home facilities, auto body shops, retailers, and any sized business with a building. Short answer, we don’t have a specific vertical.

What regions does Nexus cover?

We are based in the greater Chicago area but we enjoy to travel. Our projects range throughout the continental US.

What are you Help Desk and Support Hours?

24/7/365. Submit a ticket through our online portal, office@nexusct.com or call our Support Hotline at 847.443.9500

Does Nexus handle vendor coordination?

YES! Our clients love that we handle all vendor communication along with reducing their overall cost.

If I am interested in a cost analysis with Nexus, what would I need to provide?

The current bills of the services you would like a cost analysis for.

When is the best time to upgrade my technology?

To ensure all possible cost saving options are considered, Nexus should be part of the conversation as early as possible. Whether you are remodeling, relocating or building a brand new place, the sooner we can evaluate and discuss your options the more control you have over your IT expenses.

Why does Nexus solely offer Star2Star VoIP Solutions?

Simply? They are the best. Technically? Star2Star is the first and ONLY solution to fully integrate the hardware, phone service and active monitoring and management.

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