Patient Safety and Security Solutions

Multi-faceted integrated Healthcare IP video surveillance, access control and secuirty solutions.

Strengthen Facility Security Operations

Streamlined integrated healthcare security systems, products, and services that provide a financial incentive to deliver high-quality care to your facility and business environment.

Keeping your facility safe and secure for patients, visitors and employees can be challenging in the healthcare market. All hospitals, medical office buildings, senior living communities, and other health-related facilities require enterprise-level security solutions. With elder abuse in senior living facilities on the rise, many providers are looking for solutions that can do more for less while adhering to security and regulatory compliance. Video and intelligent RFID integrations offer ‘telesitting’, a less expensive alternative to costly private nurse care and security personnel.

Video surveillance, access control, emergency alarms, and all other security systems should be integrated and unified to work together. Details such as the data speeds, how much bandwidth will be used and day-to-day security operations must be accounted for before deployment. As professional systems integrators, we understand the importance of networked IP security solutions seamlessly functioning on the network. Let us ensure the proper hardware and devices are compatible and adhere to the requirements of your facility and custom design an integrated solution for you.

Healthcare Video Surveillance Systems

IP Video Surveillance


Create a more safe and secure environment with high-quality cameras tailored to the healthcare vertical.

Most video systems in healthcare facilities are used after an event occurs. Light conditions, focusing distances, bandwidth availability and specific camera installation point are all critical aspects our certified team takes into consideration when designing your customized solution. Our certified Hikvision technicians will help you develop an end-to-end solution delivering the right product, right placement, and right integrated technology for optimal security throughout your facility.

  • Full audio, door triggers, video storage, programmable events and synced time-stamping
  • Full HD or 4k high-quality equipment from reputable manufacturers tailored to the healthcare vertical
  • Integrates seamlessly with wander management, patient roaming and bio-metric access systems

High-Frequency Electromagnetic Energy

Intelligent RFID & BLE


Improve clinical workflow and reduce critical errors with radio frequency identification technology. 

Utilizing cutting edge RFID and BLE technologies we are able to track assets, provide inventory control and geolocation of high value items and devices and are even able to provide indoor navigation and interactive building maps via any mobile or cellular device. Ask us today about how Nexus can help your facility add modern RFID and BLE beaconing technology into your infrastructure. 

  • Directly improve resident and patient care while reducing medical error or misidentification
  • Power-free, light weight and small sized tags with location tracking, monitoring and scheduling
  • Authentication and identification of facility personnel, patients' data, and medication dispensary

Comprehensive Alert & Reporting Devices

VitalTrack & Wander Management

Monitor patients and adhere to compliance standards with resident asset tags and door controllers. 

Advanced technology has made it more safe and easy for staff to manage residents. We sell, configured, install and service comprehensive wander management systems and integrations for any senior living community.

  • Ensure the right staff member is notified with smart phone, wireless phone, pager and email integration
  • Customize configuration capabilities to automatically sound an alarm, lock doors and deactivate elevators
  • Connect simultaneously to nurse call systems, security systems, access control, and other existing security systems