VoIP & Unified Communications

Scalable VoIP Phone Systems for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs)

Maximize Business Communications

Utilize unified communications to collaborate more efficiently anytime and from anywhere with a high-quality business VoIP phone system from Star2Star Communications.

Star2Star offers the most complete cloud based Unified Communications solution on the market. The combination of data security, intelligent call path routing, service redundancy, configuration flexibility, and overall reliability (voice services have not had a single outage since 2009) are the reasons Nexus Communications Technology exclusively offers Star2Star as it’s premier voice services partner. This is a streamlined, scalable system configured specifically to your business demands and on the most efficient platform available.

We evaluate your needs and find the best VoIP solution for your business size and more importantly accommodate your company’s future growth. We listen to your concerns and perform a network analysis allowing us to ensure a proper solution for peak performance is applied. A hybrid cloud connection management appliance is installed for encrypted QOS enabled SD-WAN optimized connectivity to the cloud. This ensures your calls sound great all of the time, are placed are at the utmost security and continuously manage the flow of data.

Hybrid Cloud Communication Systems

Star2Star Hybrid Cloud IP Telephone Systems


Save 40-60% with Star2Star; The #1 most reliable VoIP voice solution available on the market today.

Voice over IP uses the data network that you already have eliminating the need to maintain two separate networks. Star2Star provides the complete package of data security, intelligent call path routing, service redundancy, configuration flexibility and overall reliability in the market.  From design to installation and from maintenance to technical support, Nexus is proud to be all in house with no contractors.

  • Multi-location businesses realize a 40-60% monthly savings when switching to Star2Star from AT&T
  • From design to installation to maintenance to technical support, we are all in house, no contractors
  • Click to Call, SMS, Fax, Chat, Call-forwarding, Find-me Follow-Me

VoIP Soft phone Integration

Wireless and Mobility Solutions

Communicate remotely and across locations with mobile voice products, services, and applications.

Quickly communicate among staff with wireless handsets and a reliable connection throughout your single, multi-story or complex business environment.

  • DECT handsets offering 30m of range is the industry standard, our solution offers 250m of coverage
  • Softphone and cell phone based voice applications allow for unlimited mobility while online or offsite
  • Multiple extensions, multiple call flows, off site transfers and find me follow me are all included

Remote Presence Management Solutions

Video, Fax and Virtual Presence

Evolve your business communication resources with remote presence systems and software.

Modern communications systems are advancing every day and video conferencing has become an essential aspect of every business. We made sure our primary voice solutions provider offers systems with features and services that even the most technologically demanding customers would be satisfied with. Innovative end-user software now has features that let each user see call status, peer presence, manage calls and voicemails, video chat/call, instant message, make softphone calls from their PC and modify settings for their desk phone from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Inner office HD video calling and multi-user web conferencing is included with each licensed seat
  • PC & Mac Software Client Allows for deep integration of computer software and phone system
  • Logical call path routing ensures that calls flow to the desired endpoint no matter what the situation