LED Lighting & Smart Buildings

Next-Gen Fully Converged and Managed POE Networks for Business

A 'Smart' Efficient Workplace

Converged low-voltage devices on a single unified network infrastructure that help save operating expenses, improve efficiency, and enhance the benefits of IoT throughout your business.

Every business owner is looking for ways to reduce operational costs. Lighting, heating and cooling, IoT sensors and other building networks can be converged on a secure and intelligent network platform. Industry leaders are improving their business efficiencies and enhancing their digital transformation by turning to IT professionals to assist in leveraging innovative technology to lower costs and create high-performing workplaces.

We understand the safety, appearance & visual environment of your business are important to you. Our approach involves collecting and analyzing your business’s critical data to support current PoE-enabled devices and prepare your facility for future integrated IoT deployments. Let us help you choose the appropriate products, integrate your systems correctly and show you the true overall savings and benefits of POE IP networks.

LED Energy Saving Systems

IP Based POE Lighting

Introduce increased efficiency and cost savings with network-managed POE LED lighting solutions.

LED lighting is a fast, easy, and cost-effective way to put your company on the fast track to energy savings. Network-connected lighting can deliver new functions anywhere lighting is used. Our technicians use network cabling like Cat6 wiring and deliver a safe, economical installation to your facility.

  • Eliminates the need for special equipment, reduces labor and material expenses and increases safety
  • Ability to remotely control lighting systems via mobile client device or web browser
  • Dimmable and non-dimmable, occupancy/vacancy, scheduling and zoning sensor capabilities

High-Power POE Network Technology

Power Over Ethernet loT

Drastically cut network costs and simplify cabling with PoE ethernet technology solutions.

Transform your entire business into an energy-efficient, reliable, web manageable living breathing analytical interface. PoE technology is the most energy-efficient way to build an enterprise network and support the growth of IoT devices. Our experts provide a professional Power over Ethernet (PoE) solution to help you eliminate power cords and expand long-range flexibility allowing your business workflows to excel.

  • 8/12/24/18 port gigabit PoE+ managed switches
  • Single-port and multiport device PoE injectors
  • Wireless enterprise PoE network connection management

Sensor-connected energy Devices

Solar & Energy Management

Improve energy performance with innovative energy management optimization devices and software.

Energy monitoring and management can save your business thousands, especially in larger or multi-location businesses. Our digital, cloud based energy management appliances allow you to monitor your consumption, power state, emergency failover devices and  provide a single pane of glass to view and control all of your network connected energy management appliances.

  • Automated out-of-range building notifications, alerts and costly consumptions
  • Real-time detailed dashboards showing overall trends and metrics
  • Building automation systems (BASs) designed for thermal efficiency