IP Telephone and Nurse Call Systems

Hybrid Cloud UCaaS Communication Solution for Healthcare and Senior Living Facilities

Simplify Facility-Wide Communications

From cloud to hybrid, our ultra-reliable full spectrum healthcare communication systems offers a seamless unified experience that positively drives improvements in workflow.

In the healthcare world communication is critical to delivering information. Star2Star communications deliver the World’s Leading Hybrid Cloud Communications Solution. The solution improves productivity by unifying a customers’ voice, video, fax, presence management, and more into a single platform.

Hosted IP voice services are an efficient and affordable alternative for healthcare facilities with investments in premise-based telecom systems.  Leveraging your existing or future network infrastructure, our professional team can help consult and ensure you make the right system decision.

Cloud-Based Communication System

Nexus CareConnect UCS


Deliver better care with Star2Star VoIP systems to unify voice, video, fax, and all critical communications throughout your facility.

Ensure the right people are notified allowing for efficient response times to your residents and patients by enabling an affordable yet world-class advanced cloud-based system. Leveraging your existing or future network infrastructure, our professional team can help consult and deploy your critical and daily communications into one single platform.

  • Functionality features (conference calling, call forwarding, email integration) at no additional cost
  • Award-winning & patent protected technology guaranteeing 99.999% up-time reliability
  • No rewiring or additional hardware with simple application licensing to support business growth

Long-range Cordless Phone Systems

IP Nurse Call and Paging Systems

Improve workflow efficiencies and response times by integrating wireless nurse call systems and devices.

Choosing the correct devices for your facility should provide the correct coverage to support staffs daily communications and integrate with your emergency preparedness plans. We help you select the industry-best devices, install, and maintain one integrated solution into your network to deliver facility-wide coverage and connectivity. 

  • Long-range expandable multi-line cordless phones with TAP capabilities
  • Handset-to-handset 2-way radio private and secure voice transmission
  • Facility-wide wireless access points for comprehensive WiFi coverage

High Definition Video Conferencing

Telehealth and Visual Communications

Support patient virtual care from any time and anywhere with cloud-based telehealth video systems.

Telehealth or telemedicine has made it possible for providers to engage and consult with patients remotely. Our experts understand the technology applications and integrate a system for both video and voice allowing simultaneously quick data transmission. Let us help you guide you towards the best-advanced video and collaboration technologies to help you deliver remote care and telemedicine securely.

  • Point-to-point mobile devices and patient-generated data from Internet of Things (IoT)
  • HD videoconferencing cameras for clear and accurate images of telehealth applications
  • Convenient and time-saving access to clinical workflow and guidelines