Smart Building and Energy Solutions

Next-Gen Fully Converged and Managed POE Networks for Healthcare

Create Long-Term Energy Savings

Future-proof product integration services, building automation systems, and IoT enabled system design giving you precise control over your facility energy expenses.

Innovations in technologies are changing patient & resident expectations. The IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) trend allows providers to make real-time adjustments directly improving productivity. Delivering precise environmental control, implementing a building automation systems allows you to understand exactly where your energy dollars are going.

We will create and implement a customized building automation system so you have precise control over your energy expenses. We find you a cost-effective energy efficient solution and handle everything from product specification to logistical deployment and support. Whether you are interested in “smart buildings” or the IoT (Internet of Things) our experts are here to guide you.

POE LED Controlled Lighting

Facility Lighting and Energy Management

Reduce overall energy consumption costs by up to 50% with LED lighting and LED lighting controls.

Proper lighting can reduce the risk of errors made by staff, assist wayfinding for guests, improve comfort level for residents, and create an attractive facility for potential residents.  From product specification to logistical deployment, our team of experts specializes in designing a cost-effective energy saving solution to meet your needs.

  • Add warmth and ambiance to existing pendants or lamps with LED heritage bulbs
  • Enhance resident comfort with day-lighting, occupancy/vacancy sensors and time clock features
  • Extend your lighting products' lifetime and optimize your lighting infrastructure

Biometric Integrated Access Control

Cloud Managed Building Access Control


Facilitate the most cost-efficient and user convenient healthcare access control system technologies.

Biometric identification is becoming practical, affordable and widely used. The most popular biometric method today is fingerprint identification, due to its superior combination of strength, affordability, maturity, convenience, and ease of use. From a single door system to a complex multi-site installation, our team of experts specializes in designing customized biometric cloud-based door access control security systems tailored to the healthcare vertical. 

  • Grant visitors access immediately and monitor traffic in sensitive areas
  • Maximize security with daily reports, site graphing and IP camera integration
  • Remotely modify and fully manage access privileges in real-time

Commercial HVAC Energy Solutions

Smart HVAC and Comfort Systems

Develop fast payback and continued savings on energy with smart HVAC Controllers.

Leaders in healthcare are looking for dependable long-term performance out of their HVAC controllers. Our technicians design custom cost-effective plug-and-play and per-configured feature-rich HVAC controllers.

  • Building automation systems designed to cut costs and ensure heating, ventilation and air conditioning are working properly
  • IoT-enabled to automatically switch equipment on and off, monitor conditions and track overall energy consumption
  • Occupancy, humidity, and temperature sensors with real-time alerts when measurements exceed thresholds