Business Data & Network Solutions

Fully Managed Cloud-Based Software Defined and Power-Over-Ethernet Ready LAN Services

Networks That Mean Business

Designed with cost in mind, our high-performing local area networks typically score 65% less than competitors and are fully cloud managed to keep your business secure and connected.

Modern networks are more complex and more versatile than ever before. New standards from Power over Ethernet (PoE) to 5G cellular will demand a network with intelligent wiring to support it. On the other hand, quality networking hardware has never been more affordable or more reliable than it is today.

Our creative cloud-based software-defined networking approach is customized to meet today’s demand and prepare you for the innovative demands of tomorrow. Our technicians fully manage and handle your business network modernization including installation, deployment, integration, and complete support.

Cloud Managed Network Devices

Cloud Managed Next-Gen Data Networks

Nexus 360°View Connect Web service management portal providing visibility of your entire network.

As one of the first IT providers offering the ability to take advantage of cloud managed network hardware and connectivity solutions, we can confidently say our network engineers are some of the most versed technicians in the field. In 2010 we created exclusive partnerships with Ubiquiti Unifi and Meraki, the two most innovative network equipment providers, and have been selling and supporting their solutions since. The Nexus360° View Connect Web service management portal provides your team alongside ours complete top-down visibility of your entire network.

  • 100% software-defined networks installed, designed, and supported by experienced and formally trained network engineers
  • Exclusive Nexus 360°View Connect Web management portal access to manage, monitor, and see all of your services and devices
  • Prioitized QOS, advanced VLAN management, 40 Gb SFP+ expandability and next-gen security and monitoring built-in features

Cable Design Infrastructure Management

Structured Wiring & Data Cabling Services

Support workloads today and the future with end-to-end intelligent cabling and connectivity solutions.

Failing to consider properly installed cabling infrastructure is the most common mistake customers make when upgrading or modernizing their technology systems. Each network and its extended architecture should be designed and facilitated to meet your business’ immediate needs and prepare your network for future growth and expansion. Our certified cabling specialists can provide a solution that will help your network run at maximum efficiency for the foreseeable future through the use of hybrid fiber design methods that ensure you will not run into this issue again.

  • Ethernet, coax, fiber optic, low voltage, A/V, voice and all business communications cabling designs and projects
  • Cable specialist in all areas including building automation and data center design and build-out management
  • Complete building wiring retrofits and installation services designed to facilitate business growth and expansion

High-Capacity WiFi networks

Intelligent Wireless LAN Solutions

Guarantee wireless LAN or “WiFi” connectivity to your business with wireless system deployments.

Your business wireless connectivity should keep you connected even under the most demanding circumstances. Our calculated design is a top-to-bottom solution to ensure your business has wireless connectivity where you need it. Our experts know what to look for during our discovery and design process, where to deploy the systems, and how to tune signaling properly. We utilize advanced monitoring and analytics tracking once installed to guarantee that our wireless infrastructure will keep your staff and customers securely connected.

  • High Speed, High Density, High Resiliency WLAN, Bluetooth Low Energy & RFID Based Wireless Network Design
  • Secure, segregated user control groups ensuring privacy, safety, traffic flow management and captive portal through VLAN management
  • Firewalls, load balancers, network intrusion detectors, managed switching, and protocol analysis round out the security of this offering