Patient Television and Infotainment

Customized Entertainment and Facility Communications in Every Room

Introduce Greater Resident Experience

From the lobby to the resident rooms, enrich patient experience while improving staff engagement with TV packages, displays, and infotainment systems with the entertainment they want.

Resident engagement and satisfaction standards in the senior housing industry is rapidly increasing. As older adults are more familiar with technology, they are seeking and expecting to have access to internet, video conferencing, emailing, and online communities. Technology allows information to be pushed immediately to residents using TV, displays, tablets with customized capabilities to keep your patients happier and allow them to feel more in control.

It is necessary to review existing systems when moving towards an IP based entertainment solution. Our approach is designed to ensure adequate coverage and flexible so that regular technology modifications during install are quick and simple. Nexus will negotiate on your behalf to deliver a single contract based solution for your budget. 

DIRECTV Satellite Headend Systems

DirecTV Satellite Head-End HD Distribution


Lower costs and provide quality entertainment without the need for in-room equipment.

It is ideal for facilities with high room counts to eliminate the need for a receiver in each room. The COM system is an HD headend video solution for any sized property that eliminates the need for in-room equipment. We are a DirecTV Business authorized dealer and our technicians are DirecTV certified to install any residential, commercial, or MDU (Multi-dwelling unit) system.

  • Commercial-grade scalable solution custom-built for each healthcare property
  • Rapid deployment, easy setup and installation for minimal down time
  • Energy-efficient with less than 225 watts of power consumption

Dynamic Interactive Information Displays

Commercial and Healthcare Displays

Present engaging visual displays to residents, guests, and staff with UL-listed healthcare TVs.

Alleviate resident isolation and loneliness with displays to keep them engaged in the community. Displays can provide the latest news, upcoming events, promote wellness and offer ways residents can connect with peers and access social networks. Our technicians are certified to install any complete line of healthcare-grade TV system into your single or multi-story healthcare facility.

  • Energy-efficient solution to streamline real-time alerts and communication throughout facility
  • Provide patient announcements, events, and promote wellness among residents
  • Assist visitors with directions with digital signage with touch-screen way-finding capabilities

Interactive Patient Care Systems

Patient and Customer Infotainment

Enhance resident and patient satisfaction with state-of-the-art HD interactive content solutions.

Residents expect their senior living room to feel like home. Our DIRECTV satellite COM3000 building system solutions is a centralized and smart healthcare facility TV experience for your residents.

  • Single-location remote solution to control content on multiple TV's simultaneously
  • Interactive multi-level education and entertainment platforms, services and devices
  • Channel management and mobile device connectivity to in-room screens and platforms