IP Surveillance & Access Control

Cloud-Managed Business IP Security System Integration

Establish Complete Security Control

High-quality security devices and resource-maximizing systems designed by industry-leading manufacturers are integrated, deployed, and managed by our certified security professionals.

IP Security cameras have made huge technological strides over the last few years. Unreliable, blurry images are a thing of the past with the average commercial grade camera offering features such as directive IR illumination, H.265 decoding (2x clearer, 1/2 the file size), integrated AI capabilities and low light “twilight” optimized image sensors that offer full-color night vision capabilities.

Advancements in connectivity and mobility are allowing businesses to save thousands of dollars on equipment. We can now send HD streams to any connected device (including mobile) anywhere in the world, decentralize cloud-based infrastructure and even aggregate multiple location systems to a single point of infrastructure. Our team will help you design, implement and manage a security solution tailored to you.

IP Surveillance Camera Systems

Infrastructure Integrated Video Surveillance

Achieve security with high-resolution network IP surveillance cameras and intelligent digital video recorders.


Security camera systems are becoming ubiquitous with day to day life. The ability to observe high quality, full frame rate video with a well-designed IP video security system can assist in asset protection, employee/customer safety, crime prevention, quality assurance and increased productivity. All of our systems are designed, installed, and maintained by a dedicated security system professional who is with your system from day one and takes the time to get to know your business in ways the competition simply does not. Whether you are looking to install one pan-and-tilt (PTZ) camera or implement an entire camera system, we will custom design a solution within your budget.

  • Real time monitoring, onsite/offsite digital storage, and up to 2 years access of archival footage
  • No additional hardware; built on same POE network infrastructure as all of our other systems
  • Integrated AI allows for object and facial recognition, event tagging and machine learning

Biometric Security Entry Authentication

Building Access Control


Establish complete control with high-end IP-based biometric business access control device systems.

POE and wireless technologies allow for affordable access control in locations previously not possible. While our systems still integrate with ID cards, PIN numbers, and key fobs, we are also able to offer biometric authorization tokens for any size or multi-story building. Whether you are interested in implementing your first access control system or looking to upgrade your current system, our certified engineers are here to help design, install and service a system that fits your budget.

  • Fingerprint, retinal scanning, and multi-point facial recognition biometric authorization and credentialing options
  • 24/7 remote triggering and monitoring of all entry and exit points with IP surveillance system integration
  • Time & attendance tracking with integrated 5 MP camera face detection and IPS LCD touchscreen experience

Central Management Surveillance Platform

Multi-Site Cloud-Based Building Management Systems

Centrally manage all your security systems with an internet-based web client management platform.

Through unified building management system platforms, we bring all of your building’s systems to a single manageable web-based interface. As long as your systems are one of our supported platforms, we are able to put all your business security systems into a single user interface. This interface lets you control all your IP surveillance, access control, HVAC, lighting and all other management systems your business needs to access.

  • Configure recording schedules, user rights, events and alarm rules
  • Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G supported connectivity for mobile surveillance
  • Real-time and daily monitoring with live view and playback functionalities