Facility Networking and IP Solutions

Network Infrastructure Wiring Design Services with Turnkey Integration

Leverage Scalable Next-Gen Networks

Modern networking and robust infrastructure services designed within the foundation of your healthcare setting to support all critical devices and applications on your network.

Network infrastructure plays a critical role in how data flows within and between organizations. Large amounts of data and personal files change throughout the day in healthcare facilities. While investing in the network may appear like a daunting expense, less downtime and better connectivity are proven invaluable in modern healthcare organizations.

We have the experience and ability to configure the optimal network for your facility. Our certified experts understand what disrupts a network signal and prioritize which aspects need replacement to help your devices function at the highest possible standard. With your IT vision aligned, our experts will help you choose the best solution and meet all requirements. 

Complete Network Turnkey Integration

Building Infrastructure Modernization

Utilize 100% cloud managed networks to maximize network applications that improve patient care.

IT modernization allows your facility to directly improve patient care by maximizing your existing applications while moving towards a more open, complete and integrated platform. We offer completely fully integrated solutions leveraging your existing applications and moving you towards a more open and integrated platform.

  • Cut costs by simplifying and streaming operations to prepare for future growth
  • Integrate and automate new technologies without changing existing design
  • Provide connectivity between facilities to access centralized systems on a flexible network

Complete IT Lifecycle Management

Network Security and Device Monitoring

Delegate network monitoring to ensure reliability delivered at the highest possible standards.

Provide reliable networks to connect all medical devices and administrative tools while enhancing network security. By segregating resident, business and guest networks NAC (network access control) allows for trusted devices on the network and offers authentication options for those trying to access. Our certified experts understand what disrupts a network signal and provide the most cost-appropriate solution specific to your facility requirements. 

  • Networking hardware procurement, deployment, optimization and maintenance
  • Pro-active monitoring of all LAN devices including routers, firewalls, switches and Wi-Fi
  • Advanced fiber optic solutions that provide real-time monitoring and prevent outages

Fiber Based Wide Area Networking

Secure WLAN and Cellular Connectivity

Ensure personal and resident data information is segmented and properly routed on a secure network.

Security and regulatory compliance requirements are many senior living facilities biggest WLAN challenges. We specialize in segregating business trusted devices and guest networks with authentication access requests. Our team implements a segmented, secure network architecture to ensure all data is isolated and routed properly.

  • Advanced multi-gigabit ultra reliable managed wireless networks
  • Site-to-site secure VPN connections between distributed sites
  • Mobile, personal, and BYOD (bring your own device) management