Secure Internet and WAN Solutions

Coax and Hybrid Fiber-Coax High Speed Network Connectivity

Achieve High-Speed Reliable Connectivity

As a top-performing Comcast Business Platinum Partner, we are dedicated to serving our customers with affordable, fast, and reliable connectivity for all time sensitive communications.

It is critical to have the broadband capabilities to support your technology. Robust Ethernet services provide a high-performance backbone to help organizations manage growth, drive application performance and securely access cloud or data centers. Comcast Business provides affordable technology solutions ranging from fast, reliable Ethernet and Internet connectivity to voice, video, and Managed Solutions that design, build, implement and manage customer networks.

As a Platinum Comcast Business Solutions Provider, we can offer affordable connectivity for your facility. Our team of experts is here to educate you on the different internet options and recommend the correct speed and solution specific to your facility. We handle the entire telecom management process from contract initiation to direct carrier support once the services are installed so you never have to call a carrier directly again. We are dedicated to providing you a reliable data connection.

Cable Based ISP Solutions

Internet Connectivity and Security

Drive application performance and manage business growth with high-speed broadband connectivity.

Practice management functions such as emails, web-browsing, real-time image downloads and simultaneous use of EHR are all factors to be considered when choosing the correct bandwidth for a healthcare setting. Comcast Business has the largest IP network in the nation, serving small business through large enterprise customers. As a Comcast Business Solutions Provider, we offer and architect state-of-the-art your facilities connectivity on a single, centrally managed data network.

  • Securely share personal, resident, and patient information across the network
  • Coax and hybrid fiber-coax technology delivering exceptional amounts of bandwidth
  • Minimize capital expense and allow for centralized network management

Centralized End-to-End Vendor Procurement

ISP and Telecom Carrier Management

Experience the best carrier rates and centralized complete end-to-end vendor management.

Dealing with cable companies is an absolute nightmare. Our partnership with the industry-leading carriers allows you to optimize your telecom expenses and eliminate redundant and disconnect devices. With Nexus, you have the peace of mind of knowing your IT functions are managed in a secure, reliable network, backed by an expert team of service professionals.

  • Direct negotiation with carriers for the best carrier rates and usage
  • Purchasing, contract, compliance, license and project coordination
  • Invoice, ordering and provisioning, inventory, contract and dispute management

Healthcare IT 4G LTE Cellular Backup

Multi Carrier Service Redundancy

Comply with healthcare regulations and policies and maintain connectivity with 4G LTE cellular backup.

Primary internet service providers only offer 99.5% availability at best and any healthcare service outage can be catastrophic. Healthcare facilities transmit all their voice and data over one network and the importance of uptime is essential with policies such as HIPAA.  Wireless WAN failover using 4G LTE is a cost-friendly solution delivering 100% uptime to protect yourself from any primary service disruptions.

  • Inexpensive and easily installed in existing networks and new network turn-ups
  • Configured to move voice and data traffic automatically
  • Avoid upgrading wires or adding another carrier into your building