Patient Television and Infotainment

Bringing Comfort to Care: Nexus In-Room TV for Patients

HD DirecTV Hospitality and Healthcare Solutions

HD DirecTV Commercial Solutions offer businesses a comprehensive and high-quality television entertainment solution. These systems provide access to a wide range of HD channels, ensuring that customers and employees can enjoy crisp and clear content. With customizable packages and features like sports packages, music channels, and news networks, HD DirecTV Commercial Solutions cater to diverse entertainment preferences in commercial settings, enhancing the overall experience for patrons and employees alike.

Unmatched Viewing Experience

DIRECTV redefines in-room entertainment with its diverse range of TV platforms tailored for hospitality and healthcare sectors. From the COM3000 system, offering HD content in a compact, scalable format, perfect for any property size, to the advanced DRE system, providing interactive guest services in hotels. In healthcare, enjoy tailored solutions that prioritize patient comfort and engagement. Each platform boasts superior picture quality, extensive channel selections, and intuitive interfaces, enhancing every guest and patient experience with exceptional TV entertainment.

Dynamic Digital Signage Solutions

Unlock the power of visual communication with Nexus Communications Technology’s Digital Signage Solutions. Our state-of-the-art digital displays offer vibrant, eye-catching content, perfect for advertising, information sharing, or brand storytelling in any setting. From interactive kiosks to large-scale video walls, our solutions are customizable, easy to update, and designed for maximum impact. Enhance your audience’s experience in retail, corporate, or public spaces with our dynamic, high-resolution screens that captivate and inform, making every message unforgettable.

Versatile Content Compatibility: DIRECTV Headend Systems support Pro:Idiom or decrypted content distribution, enabling use with both standard and hospitality TVs for flexible viewing options.

Customized In-House Channels: Enhance your guests’ experience with local content insertion capabilities, allowing for the creation of unique in-house channels tailored to your establishment’s needs.

WebApps for Enhanced Patient Experience: Inquire about our AEP systems to offer web-based applications, providing patients with an interactive and engaging entertainment experience during their stay.